A History of Food & Drink

Commissioned by the late Pina Templeton, this book tells the story of how food and drink became a vital part of the Union League of Philadelphia. Gives a sneak peek into the history of the Club's social tables, and even includes perforated recipe cards for today's members to make Union League classics at home. A portion of this book design plays off of ephemera from the League's archives, decades-old cookbooks, and engraved art. The second half of the book showcases the League's dining venues in a more modern light. 

This book was awarded Honorable Mention in The Graphis Design Annual 2022 Competition 


Art Director: Bob Warkulwiz, Designer: Paige Graff, Writers: Jim Warkulwiz, Jim Mundy, John Meko, Copy Editor: Jane Shannon, Photographers: Caroline Laschenski, Ryan Lavine Photography, Halkin Mason Photography, Union League Marketing Department, and Collections of The Union League Legacy Foundation

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